Medical records and unique emails

We are new to Pabau. We have been told the following about the patient medical records…
Each patient must have their unique email as a unique identifier to create the medical record.
How does a family with kids and babies book in when they don’t have an email? Or folks who don’t have an email can’t have a record?
When we try and book 2 patients with using the same email, then Pabau appears to merge both the patient details into one record. Which is not good
Other clinics must surely have encountered this issue and if so how have you worked around the problem?

Hi Ravi.

Thank you for your feedback.
Based on what I read from your post, you refer to Pabau Connect, the feature that allows clients to book appointments online, for which an email address is indeed required to be able to log in.

As for having a client record, a client record can be created without an email - it’s just Pabau Connect that requires having an email address.

For more information, and specific examples you can reach out to our support team.

Kind regards,

Hi Viktor,

We had a chat with Sia and the support team and that’s where we got the answer.

If we have a family of 4 needing travel vaccines ( parents, a baby and a 4 year old) and they need to book online , how does a baby and a 4 yr old obtain an email that is different to the parents emails? They won’t be able to book online.

We want a simple online booking link from Pabau where clients can book without needing a unique email for each person. This would be a basic requirement.

If they then want to access their records via pabau connect that is a different thing.
Thanks. Look forward to your hearing from you soon.

We tried booking 2 people with the same email with your online link, just to try it out and Pabau merged the 2 records together rather than just issuing a warning that this is not possible. Have others had the same issue? Have we got confused somehow?

Hi Ravi.

Thanks for the reply. I will let our team know about your feedback. In answer to your question, regarding your scenario, you can use the book on behalf feature to book for the baby.

Please feel free to contact our support team, for further information on the above, as well as for what you wrote about booking 2 people with the same email, which shouldn’t be possible.

Kind regards,

Thanks Viktor. We are testing the book on behalf method of booking people and will get back to customer support with this.

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