More robust booking

We have a number of different specialties and the online booking doesn’t allow for enough of a filtering process to determine access to monitor these. In principle the system is good but could be much better

Hi Kat.

Thanks for your feedback.
The services page allows you to group services under master categories, and categories, and how they should be shown on the online bookings page.

If there was something else you referred to, please let me know.

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Hi Viktor,
It is something more complex than this. We have clinicians who have diary days in but wish to allocate blocks of time to virtual appointments or surgeries but the online system just reads the open diary and allows the patients to book in where ever. Creating more admin at our end rather than less. We would like to have more control over the set up of online booking. Again perhaps a call would be beneficial but each time i explain this i am told there isn’t a way to fix it just now and load it on here

Hi Kat.

In this case, what you should do is to adjust (include/exclude) the services that are offered when creating/editing a shift, so that you can remove virtual appointments from a shift, where it’s not needed.

I suggest you contact our support team, for more information.