More than one location

Being able to have more than one location on a calendar. I line work and can go to various places, patients have a choice of 3 as they may be more comfortable in their own home but I am only able to use one location which may put them off booking?

Hi Kate, I had this issue and the only way to resolve it was to make a product for “home visit” or “clinic” so they can choose either. But another issue is if you allow them to book online you cant specify the area so they can book you from multiple areas and you will have to try and manage that…would be nice to be able to specify the areas on specific days etc.

It does get complicated I guess, some available on on a day they want to be at their own home when the calendar states that day is at my place……
May be it’s worth still keeping it to how I’ve always had it which it going through me

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