Multi step Recall

Can we have a multi step recall system.

  1. A week before their next appt is due.
  2. On their due date.
    3 A week after the due date as a reminder.
    4 A month after the due date
  3. A year after the date

Each with a custom SMS/Mail message
The steps should be customisable per recall type.

Also If a client has the treatment or buys the product in the recall group the recall timer should be reset.

Clients should be able to have a number of recall types active at any one time

Hope that makes sense.

Hi John

Thanks for the suggestion - we have an amazing feature in Pabau 2 known as ‘Pabau Care’. In short, it will allow you to create care pathways leading up to a treatment, and post treatment.

The possibilities with this are rather endless, however we will be revealing more very soon!