New Online Booking system

I am using Pabau Classic and just been updated to the new online booking system (which, if I understand, comes usually with Pabau 2)

I just had a quick look using a fake patient.

  • when you enter the online booking system (as a patient) you can choose a service and then book. But you can also access in the right top corner to your account and dashboard (again as a patient), which is very nice. The problem is that once you access your account or dashboard you don’t have anymore the possibility to book a new appointment on those pages and there is no button to come back to the initial booking system. I suggest you add a button, in particular in the dashboard, to be able to book a new appointment from those pages.
  • in the dashboard: the dates of upcoming appointments don’t appear. Just the time appears.


Thanks for the feedback - keep it coming. You should be able to see this when you login?

And the dates should appear?


In my case, when in the dashboard:

  • I don’t have the button to book an appointment in the top right corner
  • I have the column ‘dates’ but no dates inside
    (attached a screen shot)