Newsletter video embed & uniform brand [PLANNED]

When creating a newsletter is there a way of creating a template that we can use every time we create a new newsletter so each newsletter is uniform to our brand?
Also, is there a possibility of adding the option to embed videos into the newsletter rather than a link to a youtube video?


Hi Louise

Unfortunately embedding over videos isn’t possible within emails. You can however use GIFs and animations.

As for your suggestion around making the templates more uniform, I have gone ahead and added this to the roadmap of our new newsletter system in Pabau 2, thank you so much for the suggestion.

Will embedding videos be a possibility with Pabau 2?
Thank You for your response :slight_smile:

Hi Louise

Apologies, what I meant to say is that it isn’t actually possible to embed videos into email, it is not so much a us not having it, just email itself doesn’t allow you to output video.