Non-Functioning Features

Good morning, I have discovered, that a feature release for Pabau 2 has been announced in December 23 which I think is fabulous. Unfortunately, the features previously or recently announced either do not function as intended or remain in development. This is extremely frustrating especially as we a paying a premium subscription for a product that does not work as intended/advertised.

I currently have 10 open support tickets for feature which are promoted as released. Here are a few examples:

  • SMS Automations do not send (MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE)
  • Client Card Relationship not functional; specifically in relation to GP information and NOK
  • Link Fields in Forms and Patient Card do not sync
  • Client Pathways not functioning as intended
  • Education/Aftercare not functioning as intended
  • Lack of customisation within automation to create appropriate patient recalls (SECOND MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE).

While I understand that Pabau 2 is a major update; shouldn’t features be implemented and functional before announcing their release. Hope that these issues can be sorted promptly otherwise I would need to seek an alternative platform.