On Account invoices not appearing as a credit until they are paid.

Currently when an invoice is issued the Account Credit appears under the clients name on the patient file. This can cause confusion if the employee does not cross check with the account tab to view ‘outstanding’ monies.

It would make more sense to only credit the ‘On Account’ balance with the funds once the invoice has been paid in full.

Hi Kelly,

I agree - we have had a few requests for this in the past. I will sure to note this down when it comes to redesigning the client card on Pabau 2.

Thank you so much for the suggestion.

Hey Kelly,

I can inform you that we have made a change a while ago where it is NOT possible anymore to leave an account payment (deposit) as an outstanding balance.
You can even try now to raise a payment for a deposit and when you do not add a payment and finalise, you would be greeted with an error message that an account balance can’t be left unpaid.