online booking needs design improvements

Our clients are not getting on well with the online booking and we are having a lot ‘drop off’ mid way though online booking.

We have reviewed it and conducted a focus group study to investigate why it is not working for our clients and the feedback in general is that it required improvement from a design point of view, it is difficult to navigate for the client and poorly designed:

  • Avatar as the member of staff representing ‘anyone’ which looks strange and unprofessional and clients didnt want to click it
  • Marketing preferences do not line up correctly on the form–it is not clear what they are clicking for and I think this is actually not GDPR compliant
  • No clear way to navigate back between pages (this can be done at the top but it is not clear), some clients clicked the wrong thing and were unable to work out how to get back to the previous screen
  • Not clear what they are paying for – says ‘cost’ as oppose to Deposit at top of the payment column on the final page

Other suggestions

  • remove the comments section for the clients to add comments on booking (it serves no purpose and just creates issues when client then turns up and says they have left a note regarding something like ‘call me if i need to stop using products before treatment’ and they have not been called)
  • colour scheme to match the brand / website of individual clinics as at the minute it is clear that it is not part of our actual website due to the inflexible colour scheme.