Online Booking - urgent improvement needed

Online booking is very clunky and not user friendly and very outdated we suggest the following:

  • search by service not location
  • remove the need to click ‘next’ at the bottom of each page as clients are not aware of how to search for this (should automatically progress to next page when option is selected)
  • does not have any ‘back’ button so client has to exit screen and start again
  • does not summarise the steps of the client journey so they can forget what they have booked for
  • the layout of the patient information required is not organised it starts the address on one side and needs completed on the other, and it requires too much information to book an appointment (much too time consuming for clients)
  • There is a ‘notes’ section at the bottom of online booking from the start of the process - this is not required and should be removed and replaced with the ability to make note on booking only on the final stage of booking (why would a client make notes before they have even selected the appointment they wish to book).

Overall the entire process is not slick and makes for a fairly dreadful patient experience and is currently actually inhibiting clients for booking - we strongly feel (as we have feedback many times) that it requires updating and improvement.


Hi there

Thank you for your feedback - it may be worth reaching out to the team, as the Pabau 2 online bookings is entirely different to what you would have in Pabau 1.

We are seeing much better results in conversion, every spend and churn.

Hi Billy

I have spoke to the team at length (Viktor) about the issue with online booking (and also Sara but mainly Viktor) and our website Robot team also have but he has not suggested upgrading to pabau 2.

We are happy to do this if it has a different online booking capability as we can not continue with the current without the changes - it is costing us numerous bookings as the drop off rate is so high

I will email viktor now about pabau 2


I have reviewed the information Viktor has now sent on Pabau2 but there is nothing referring to online booking - can you let me know what the difference is between pabau 1 online booking and pabau 2 and when will pabau 2 online booking be available


You can see the Pabau online bookings in action here;-

I have asked Viktor to book you in with our Customer Success Manager who will be able to give you a 121 demo and move you across to it