Online bookings after 4 months of constant pain

a) The automated categories for Hair Removal are not well defined and do not work well. They are also an inconsistence in the 2 tier category system that in general does now work well.

b) The online payment system still does not tell the patient how much has been taken from their card. It simply says success. What it is to say is something like the following example:

We have taken a payment of £123.45 from your card ending …887.

This onscreen message then needs to be followed up with an email to the patient confirming the same.
WE are currently getting several calls a week asking us to confirm that the payment was taken correctly.

c) The Online booking system does not connect to the back end of Pabau 1 in a number of areas, which means that we will be forced to move towards Pabau 2 but in view of the last 4 months we will not do this until we can get reassurance from several users that Pabau is not a bug nfested as the Online booking was when released.