Online bookings - questionnaires not been completed

The new online booking available to our patients isn’t very good. When patients are booking a consultation and paying they are not getting a payment confirmation. Also we require all our patients to complete a medical history form when booking in. On the old system the form worked bit now the system has been updated no one is completing the form, I am having to send out emails to new patients to ask them to complete it. The medical form is on the connect platform. How do we rectify this problem?

Hi Hairmedic.

We are having the same issue. have you had a response on how to resolve this issue?

Its kind of working, on Pabau 2 on the settings (on the online booking settings) you need to tick complete medical forms.
we havent moved fully to Pabau 2 (only the online bookings) and we are having lots of issues with it, emails not been sent to patients (when they should automatically), I have brought this issue to Pabau but as of now nothing has changed. We are reluctant to move fully to Pabau 2 because of the issues we are experiencing. And we dont like the fact the patients have to create an account to complete the forms which alot dont want to do.