Other payment options

With the introduction of Apple Pay to stripe will you be increasing the options of payment providers? PayPal/iZettle, square, sumup,
Also it would be great if clients could choose PayPal or Apple Pay or stripe. Gives them choice but undercut doesn’t allow standardisation

Hi Kevin

In the short term roadmap it is unlikely. To integrate with a payment provider it’s an incredible amount of work (we employ 3 team members full time just to manage the Stripe integration), and we are just in the process of integrating with Stripe’s terminals that they are launching in the UK.

That being said, we can not ignore the fact that clients want variety (it is a frequent request), just one we have to put to the back of the queue because of the above.

Thanks for the reply William,

Understand its a challenge & the main reason I ask is that the stripe terminal is not yet available in the UK, Its something we have been asking them for for some time as iZettle & Paypal fees while negotiable are not as competitive as Stripe for Large transaction with complex treatment plans behind, but good that its maybe something to consider.
Many thanks

Any update on using Stripe Terminal with Pabau as I believe it has now been launched in the UK.

Hi Both

I had written a response a while back on this but forgot to hit send! - We were actually chosen as Stripes first UK BETA suppliers for there Stripe terminals early last year.

We have finished the development, and will be launching terminals hopefully late 2022. Although with it being ready, it is built into Pabau 2 and therefore it will only work once we migrate everyone to the new platform.

We will be posting some screenshots and a demo on how it works closer to the time.


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Thanks William,

Whats the rates being offered by stripe for Online & Card transactions & cost for terminals?

Are you say that Stripe is not creating a Point Of Sale (POS) but using the POS within PABAU? If so are you going to develop this and mate much needed improvements to the PABAU POS?

Be good to see what you & the team are dreaming up, As Part of your Test & Learn & Sprint activity for Proof Of Concept do you share concepts and seek user feedback?

Also have you considered offering more Services like Zettle, SumUp, Square, Worldpay, PayPal Integration ?

I know online integration is difficult with historical Point Of Sale Terminals but surly if you use the new kids on the block it would be easier to integrate.?

Athough it would be Stripe powered, I believe they want there partners to have clients contract with the vendors (us) for the terminals, which will hopefully mean we can offer better rates then what they list on there website (because of the buying power).

We started putting together our roadmap for Pabau 2 here - Our Roadmap 2021 - #2 - it is a little outdated, I would say by the end of year we would be in a really good position to start dropping teasers of all of the different changes we have been working on (there’s a lot) with the payment terminals being one of them.