Pabau 2 Product Update - 1 April 2024 - 8 April 2024

:speaking_head: New features introduced

  1. Package/Course upsell feature has been unlocked for all clients

When this feature is turned on, businesses can upsell one package related to a service, for the time being, that’s selected via Online Bookings.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 111342

:speech_balloon: Improvements to existing features

  1. Scheduler - staff members can’t delete shifts until there are appointments in them

Staff members won’t be able to delete shifts for as long as there are appointments in them. They will see a notification.

:rocket: Feature development updates

  1. Wallet and payment terminals
  • Icons for transactions coming from Pabau Connect are implemented
  • Card refund entries have been added in the Wallet, passed testing and will be released to production with the upcoming release
  • We have added further troubleshooting for terminal connectivity issues (when a location doesn’t have a terminal)
  • Listing and adding bank accounts via Pabau is being implemented
  • Further work is being made on the Wallet feature and the terminals
  1. Marketing plus wall implementation
  • Fixes to the billing page are made and ready for QA
  • UI tweaks and bug fixes
  1. Memberships project
  • Payment inside Pabau with memberships is ready for testing soon
  1. Paylinks
  • Paylink on the edit invoice screen and other screens where invoices can be seen is completed
  1. Cancellation policy
  • Payment with money on account for cancellation and no-show policy is being tested by QA
  • Appointment cancellation in Pabau Connect was adjusted to factor in the cancellation policy setting
  • Cancellation of appointment via Connect is still being worked on
  1. Chargebacks and disputes
  • Chargeback and dispute button and listing page in the Wallet have been implemented
  • Dispute details design is being implemented
  1. Payment policy
  • Backend work on the payment policy screen has been finalized, and banners and auto-email invoice behavior are being added in POS
  • Partial payment via connect is being worked on
  1. Doctolib integration
  • Communication with the Doctolib integration is being implemented in Pabau 2
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