Pabau 2 Product Update - 22 April 2024 - 29 April 2024

:speech_balloon: Improvements to existing features

  1. Improved email delivery

The delivery of emails has been enhanced and the issue with the failsafe email ( has been fixed. If the company’s enterprise email fails to send the email, it will be sent from

  1. Analytics page

When a clinic has more than 30 active staff members, the small graphs in report categories are hidden now.

  1. Improved card payment modal from the edit-invoice screen

The card payment modal in the Client Card > Edit invoice screen is improved to now include the payment amount.

:rocket: Feature development updates

  1. Wallet and payment terminals

This week’s updates related to this project are:

  • The tooltips of the wallet payment icons are improved & are now more specific too the purchase type (voucher, account balance, packages etc)
  1. Memberships project

This week’s updates related to this project are:

  • Payments with memberships are implemented & they are also implemented as a payment method in money pages and filters
  • Restrictions for memberships payments based on date are implemented
  1. Chargebacks and disputes

This week’s updates related to this project are:

  • Dispute details have been implemented
  1. API integration
  • We have started working on the API integration allowing clients to send or pull leads to Pabau to and from websites, so that businesses can set it up directly from Pabau 2 - up until now it was being done via Pabau 1