Pabau 2 Product Update - 25 March 2024 - 1 April 2024

:speaking_head: New features introduced

  1. Pay now button inside invoices

The Pay now button in invoices is now fully implemented. Businesses can now enable the Pay Now button in the invoice. The precondition here is that the account has Stripe setup and enabled.

  1. A new way to manage subscriptions

We have added the option for users to be able to access and manage the monthly subscription page via the Login & Profile dropdown menu. It’s visible to admins only.

  1. Creating connect accounts from Pabau 2 client card is now possible

We have introduced notifications to go out to clients once a user manually creates a Connect account from the client card.

  1. Clients will get logged in automatically

We implemented the magic link feature which will auto-log in clients on Connect, once they click on a ‘View Invoice’, ‘View Forms’ etc. button through an email they received.

Clients without Connect accounts will be able to access their invoices, forms in this way by receiving a 6-digit code via SMS/Email and entering it on the connect page, the first time only.

:speech_balloon: Improvements to existing features

  1. Everyone can edit tax rates of items in POS

“Can alter tax rate from POS” permission is enabled for all users and removed where previously we had a permission that was restricting the use of this feature.

  1. Custom templates added

We added ‘Custom templates’ below the Premium templates category in Newsletters and Automations Design tab. This category will contain any templates the Users have created via Code your own option allowing them to quickly reuse any previously created design.

  1. Tooltips added in the create/edit appointment modal

Tooltips are added for the Allergy and Alert icons when booking an appointment in the calendar and the duplicated “General” tab from the appointment custom fields in the calendar has been removed.

  1. Improved display of prices in Pabau Connect

We improved the way we display prices on multiple steps on the Connect portal.

  1. Improved text in subscription tiers

The text in Subscription tiers is now updated

  1. Updated tooltip in the Labs page

The tooltip text on the Labs page is updated and now displays the correct text

:rocket: Feature development updates

  1. Wallet and payment terminals

This week’s updates related to this project are:

  • Implemented icons in the activity tab to show where each transaction came from (terminal or card) if paid via POS
  • Icons for transactions coming from Pabau Connect are ready for testing:
  • Card refund entries are being added in the Wallet:
  • Further work is being made on the Wallet feature and the terminals.
  1. Memberships project
  • Purchasing memberships via POS is being worked on.
  1. Paylinks
  • Paylink and QR code generator has been introduced in the edit-invoice screen
  • Paylink on the edit invoice screen and other screens where invoices can be seen is being worked on
  1. Cancellation policy
  • Payment with money on account for cancellation and no-show policy is being tested by QA
  • Appointment cancellation in Pabau Connect was adjusted to factor in the cancellation policy setting - the ticket is being tested
  • Cancellation of appointment via Connect is still being worked on:
  1. Chargebacks and disputes
  • Work has started on the chargebacks and disputes feature, which will enable businesses to handle claims inside Pabau, supported by Stripe.
  1. Payment details - Stripe data in Pabau
  • Dispute button and listing page has been completed
  • Dispute details is being worked on
  1. Payment policy
  • Backend work on the payment policy screen is being finalized as part of
  • Partial payment via connect is being worked on
  1. Doctolib integration
  • Communication with the doctolib integration is being implemented in Pabau 2
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