Pabau 2 Released one day ?

Hi Team
After more than 1 years delay on official schedule and almost 2 off-record with your sales, can you update us on the launch date please.
Everyone here have been more than patient and deserve clear answers.
Community is key for SaaS… when treated with respect and transparency !
Thank you for your clear answers,

Hi Baptiste,

Apologies if you have had an off the record conversation with a Pabau rep, however at present, we have not actually publicly communicated any release date internally or externally, so we are yet to be delayed on anything, progress is going very well.

The date we are working towards on the P2 team is more so a guideline, however we are on track for hitting the target we have set out 2 years ago.

In January 2023, you will be hearing a LOT more official news regarding Pabau 2 (as opposed to the whispers that can occur on forums) - and from then we will be publishing a clear roadmap as to how the launch will go, along with a matrix for eligibility for taking part in the BETA.

If the BETA that is something that interest you, feel free to drop me a DM here and I will be glad to add your name to the list. We will be announcing the ALPHA/BETA in January also.


Hi William,
Thank you for this honest answer, it’s sometimes quite hard to obtain,
I’m happy to read some news for once. I’ll be glad once i’ll see it myself.
I’ve just DM you on this topic,

Hi William,
I never had any answer from you on DM as you told me to do,
Can you check them and give me a feddback please,

I appreciate William’s reply, but that roadmap was setup in 2021… that was effectively 2 years ago. Then no news or updates after that. Very strange.

@CBRClinics I think we are a few in the same boat. We went on board for this V2 and it never came. I never had answer in DM neither from william after his message. This lack of transparency and delay is getting us tired. let’s hope that january news is accurate this time because in our side we are running out of patience !

I mean, if you’re going to have a roadmap then you have to post updates on those. I have a terrible feeling they’re running into problems including funds which is setting them back. Luckily our old system is all set and ready to go in case we need to migrate back.

Hi there

Certainly not a funding issue - apologies I do have to correct things when I see them. I manage and execute the roadmap, no roadmap has ever been setup in 2021, a MVP is setup, the roadmap we will be announced & published with the announcement of Pabau 2.

This project was always going to be a 2 year project, it’s a rebuild, not an update - the development and progression of Pabau 2 will be forever ongoing. With the number of clinics expressing interest in Pabau 2, we want to ensure we are launching it in the right way, and we feel we have got this into a good place.

This Thursday & Friday we will be discussing how we will go about announcing Pabau 2 ‘Officially’, as again, what you hear from others outside of the Pabau 2 team isn’t necessary always factual.