Pabau Connect - Booking appointment for new patient

Currnetly if a new patient registers and books an appointment it does not confirm until patient has clicked in email confirming pabau connect account. The issue with this is sometimes a patient may miss the email and think their booking is booked and turn up at the clinic however nothing is on the system.

What should happen is the apointment books in on the calender regardless of account confirming and maybe booking can flag if patient hasnt confirmed their account so this can be done when they come for the appointment if hasn’t been done by email originally by the patient


Thank you for your feedback.
Confirmation is required as a process to prevent unauthorized bookings, and clogging up calendars with fake appointments. The act of confirmation tells us that there is an actual person booking an appointment on the other side who is interested in having an appointment.

We are always open to improving the journey further.

Kind regards,