Pabau filtering - closes box after selection

Hi there,

It would be helpful when in the calendar and selecting staff, if you select someone the filter box doesn’t close. So when you have multiple employees to select or deselect its annoying having to reopen the filter command each time.

Hi team,

This is good feedback.
It has been passed on.

Any idea when this will be fixed? It is a very annoying issue

Hi team,

This is not an issue in order to be fixed.
Function like this has not been developed yet so once it’s decided for this to be made we will inform you.


Hi there,

I know you said this is “not an issue to be fixed” but surely if it is an issue then it requires fixing???

A year has gone by and this has still not be resolved. I know it is a really small element of Pabau however the filter element is used a lot by our staff and this would make a huge difference if fixed as it is annoying have to reopen the filter box every time you select or deselect something.

I apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused you.
I will have it reported to our team, so that they can fix it.


Hi Viktor,

Any updates regarding this?

Hi. I advise you to contact our support team, as they will have more details about the progress.