Patient Consent/Medical Form date entry for patient/clinician

Hi there. We are unable to select the correct date on the app on our ipad on patient consent forms and we cannot manually enter the date as its a scroll down option. If we select yesterdays date for the clinician, it allows us to put in todays date for the patient and vice versa. However we cannot enter the same date for both patient and clinician. This has got to be a bug in Pabau’s system as we have taken the ipad to be checked and no fault on our ipad. We are able to manually enter dates and scroll for correct dates on other sites. We are legally at fault by not being able to select the correct dates for our patients medical records.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi team,

Hope you’re well.

Please send an email to with your clinic name and the name of the consent form so the team can check the setup and assist you.

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