Patient reminders

Why are you not able to send patient multiple reminders ??

Hi AlMedical.

Upon booking an appointment for the first time, only one reminder gets sent.

There are different ways to ensure more reminders are sent to the client:

Pabau 2
Automation feature (coming soon)

This feature can be configured to be send emails to a laser-targeted groups of audience at a particular time. This feature will enable to you sent as many reminders as needed - for example, you can send an email to all the clients who have an appointment tomorrow, and who have an appointment from a specific service, or service category, et cetera:

Pabau Classic
Through the Recalls feature. It works in either of these two conditions:

  • The item is sold via POS at the time the appointment was booked;
  • An appointment is marked as completed.

Appointment marked as completed will work if the client had one appointment, and then books a follow-up appointment.

If you have any other questions, our support team will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

There is an awful lot of features “coming soon” Why were these features that worked perfectly fine not just carried over from the existing system It seems ridiculous that the system has been upgraded to improve things but appears to only be making our jobs more difficult

Hey Amy

Remember we are in the process of adding everything to Pabau 2, so things will invariably be in ’ Coming Soon’ as not only are we adding all Pabau 1 features, but we are rebuilding the whole product.

We expect to have full feature parity to Pabau 1 by the end of December as I posted on Facebook.