Patient Signatures - To allow a signature to be completed via email

Surgeons will complete video consultation and will need a patient signature. This would work better if at the end of the consultation we can email the patient for a signature which they can do from iphone. We also sometimes have a missing signature from patients in clinic and sometimes would need to email them to request a signature by email. We currently can only send as a pdf patient has to print and then send back which is more time and effort into a simple task


What you can currently do is to send an email from the client card which contains an electronic version the medical form you need filled in by the client. They don’t need to have it printed - all they need to do is to fill it in.

In addition, to ensure that the form has signature, you can mark the signature field required, which will not allow the client to save the form until a signature is provided.

Please do feel free to contact our support team for more information.