Payment Provider - Allow Pabau to link to payment provider of our choice

Rather than have one nominated provider (Stripe). Allow Pabau users to choose the payment provider of their choice. Make the Pabau till easily linkable with other card / EPOS providers.

This would be a massive breakthrough for pabau! I have worked in three clinics over the past 10 years who used pabau and we always had different payment providers (no one ever opted for Stipe or Sage pay which they used to integrate with). It meant we would process every single payment twice (still having to do this now) which was so time consuming for reception. We also would get miscalculations at the end of the day where things were missed off the second payment process.

Hi Liz

By way of an explanation why we currently only use Stripe as our payment provider.

The idea of our CRM is to be as seamless and as integrated as possible. We have two or three developers who are employed to work solely on the continued improvements we bring with Stripe, if we added other payment providers into the mix, this would require 3 times the amount of development given we are always trying to add features in the payments space. This year we made significant improvements with our Stripe integration and will continue to do so; in the last 6 months we have added Apple Pay, Digital Wallet Pay, Direct Invoice Payments, SCA and continued to improve the overall fluidness between Stripe and Pabau.

This year, we will be further expanding this integration, next week will be introducing our best feature yet, No-show protection, and later in the year having PDQ machines shipped to all clients where in store payments will be automatically reconciled to client cards and financials.

The key thing here, is that we alone have more developers on this one feature than some other CRMs have developers to work on all of their features and as such, we will not be looking at introducing other providers in the short term.

This may change with the release of Pabau 2 at some point next year.