Payment Systems

Is it possible to have the option of either Stripe or Square payment system.

Stripe Payment have a higher % charge.

Hey, thanks for the message. We have actually just signed an agreement with stripe meaning we will soon offer terminals which will have a much reduced rate comparable to bank PDQ machines. Let me know if you would be interested being one of the first to receive one.

I still be interested and I already use a wisepos E.

Actually this one will work out of the box as it is the same model we are rolling out. Will drop you a DM.


Hey @rothleys send me an email with your turnover, and we will see what rates we can get to and maybe get you on the BETA.

we would also really benefit from a square integration!

we will not be integrating with square, as have just signed new rates with Stripe.

Will there be a similar integration with stripe such as “AfterPay” with square?

We will be supporting both Klarna and Afterpay in the coming months via our new payment agreement with Stripe. Terminal is live now -