Procedures Repository

Hi Team

I wanted to ask if there had been any ideas or suggestion today for you to host procedures?

Currently using MS Sharepoint and wanted to ask if there had been an consideration to build practice policy & procedures repository into the service you offer?

With Scotland being Regulated I think HIS would be impressed that client files, images, signed form & clinic process and procedures are all saved and can be accessed by team members in one place. Paper copies would always be available but in a fast moving digital world the MS SharePoint option works for us but if it was centralised with version controls along with the forms it would be a great option, in my option. Views?

Hi Kevin

I can’t say it’s something we receive many requests about, however I wouldn’t rule it out. In Pabau 2 we do have much better version control for forms in general (but those forms related to consents, treatments, prescriptions & medical forms.