Processing a refund at the point of sale

It would be helpful to be able to process a refund at the point of sale. It would be great if we could select the original product and then choose ‘refund’, before continuing to add any other products/services to the invoice. In this case, the cost of the original item should then be automatically taken from the total cost.

At the moment, this is a two-step process and makes it quite time consuming when a customer is waiting!

Hi Gabbi,

The point of sale does have an option for you to remove items from the left panel where you can see all of them where as soon as they are removed the total of the invoice is decreased.

This is better instead of processing it and then refunding it.
Reach out to me on the chat if you need any examples of this.

Hi Petar,
Thanks for your reply!

I am referring to when a client is returning a product they have previously purchased at the same time as purchasing new items.

So instead of revisiting an old invoice and processing a refund, this would be completed on the same invoice created for the purchase of the new items if this makes sense?

This way, the client receives their refund by way of deduction from the new bill.