Quickbooks integration


Do you plan to have integration with quick books?

It’s the most popular accounting software in USA and they provide easy and wide api for different platforms.

Hi Ran.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have notified our team, for future consideration. For the time being, XERO is the integration that we have.


Yes I’m familiar with Xero and still I won’t move to this software. All our payrolls and a counting with Quickbooks for years

Hi Ran.
May I know what the strengths are of Quickbooks, from your point of view, i.e. which specific options/features would prevent you from moving to Xero?

Thank you.

Quickbook is the most popular accounting program in USA. You have quickbooks in a software on quickbooks online.

All our business management is there.

The employees clock in and click out, salaries and payments with integration for the government taxes, accounting and even employees Medical insurances, retirement accounts and more.

We are working to build with your api integrations but it’s take a lot of time. All the big pos softwares offers quick books integration.

Thank you for your reply, Ran. We will look into it.