Raised invoices

When I was trying to run a report on raised invoices which ever way I did it I got very messy data. It included the initial invoices and then tried to incorporate payments and then was lots of duplications. For simple accounting it would be great to have a 12 month (depending on your financial year) raised invoice report of just the invoices raised, regardless of whether paid or not.

A separate aged debtors report as per a certain date (normal your year end) could accompany that.

It goes without saying that these need to export to excel.

I wonder if anyone from an accounting background has had any input into the accounting part of Pabau as they may have some other suggestions. All I know is that I contacted support, tried many different ways and then spent hours cleaning up the data and removing duplicates, where this was a straight forward step in my previous system.

So I’ve re-done my accounts and running into the same problem. In new Pabau please can we have a straight forward raised invoice report between two time points that pulls all the invoices generated, regardless of whether paid or not. This just needs invoice number, patient, amount but you can include other bits that could be filtered out, eg actual service. It should be a one button affair to generate and export to excel.

Also need to generate an aged debtors report from a certain time point too. That is all accountants need.