Recurring subscriptions how?

Hi all. New user here. We charge our clients a monthly subscription to access our services. Ideally I’d like the clients to be able to access their Pabau client portal anytime (for free), but be blocked somehow if they try to book something without having a valid subscription. Even better would be a function where they are encouraged to subscribe at that point.
Wondered if anyone is using a subscription model successfully with Pabau (with Stripe maybe?) and if so how you did it. Thanks in advance.

Hi nickb.

Welcome to the community.
It’s in our roadmap to introduce a subscription feature (membership) in the upcoming year.

In the meantime, a workaround I would suggest you do is have the membership logic on your website. In Pabau, create services that are not bookable online, use Pabau’s widget URL builder feature to generate links with those services pre-selected, and post those link in pages on your website where only authorized patients (members) can have access to.

Please feel free to contact our support team to learn about the Widget URL builder feature.

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