Reminder and confirmation templates [PLANNED]

I think it would be better if we had separate confirmation and reminder templates for different services rather a universal one. so we can have flexibility to change wording/phrasing depending on service

I think this would be a good thing - after we started using online consultations it’s difficult so word a confirmation and reminder to fully suite face to face and virtual appointments so yes please

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Hi aini

This is actually possible for confirmations already using the ‘precare’ feature. If you reach out to the guys over at support, they will be able to give you a hand in setting this up.

Would be great to hear more about what you would use the custom service reminders for however?

^ William

Hi William

From my point of view yes you can add the pre care but that will be sent in addition to the confirmation not instead off and I think it would be nice to have the option to have separerat confirmation options . I have done a pre care for our online ones but then they receive 2 “conformations”

Same goes for the reminders where face to face , online or even locations would benefit from having different ones just to have as clear communication with the customer as possible.


Hi Stefan

Ah - I’m with you!

What we are building with Pabau 2 is a feature known as ‘Pabau Care’. It is similar to the aftercare/precare feature within Pabau 1, however it gives you more control practically and from a visual standpoint.

You will be able to click on a service and view its ‘Journey Map’, which shows you all communications prior, during and after the appointment. As you can see you can add multiple reminders & confirmations before and after the appointment, and more importantly, we have a feature ‘Pause default email’ (as seen below) which allows you to prevent the default confirmation email going out if a service has a precare already being sent.

^ William


I agree this would be a really useful feature

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This looks like it’s going to be a great feature!

Please can we have to option of sending 2 reminders, may at say 1 week and then at 2 days prior to the appointment?

Hi Jay

Thank you for the suggestion - I can confirm that this feature is coming.