Report for Video conference charges by Pabau for a period [PLANNED]

Could you please add a report that we can run or schedule, where we can see the amount we have been charged by Pabau for video consultations during a period of time. At the moment the charge is hidden. It doesn’t show on the invoices under Settings / Billing. The report should cover a period of time, and one can see each video consultation, the duration, the charge per minute, and the total charge. At the moment we have to request a special report from the developers which isn’t a good use of their time but it is the only way to see what Pabau is charging clients for this feature.

Hi Bruno

Yes this is a great suggestion, we will do this as part of Pabau 2. We have tried to do this in the past with both SMS & Video detailed billing invoices, however there were challenges around the speed in which the data would come back from our third party using there APIs due to the amount of SMS being send via Pabau.

We are in talks with them already to try to find workarounds for the Pabau 2 launch

I too would be interested in this kind of report if it is possible. It would be helpful to have this for SMS too.

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