Reschduling Appointments

The rescheduling of an appointment from the back end should be much easier than just drag and drop. If for example I want to reschedule an appointment from today at 3:30pm to next week at 5pm it is impossible to drag and drop as you can not move the week forward when dragging. If you then go to month view to move the appointment you can not change the appointment at the same time. There should be a very simple way of just selcting the new time and date that the appointment needs to go to or when reschudle is clicked it takes you back to the booking dates and times and you just select hte new time that you want to move appointment to


Thanks for your feedback.
I suggest you try clicking the reschedule button from the popup that appears when you click on an appointment, as it is exactly what you need, based on your comment. Once clicked, you can navigate to any day you want, and then do the act of dragging and dropping.

Should you need further assistance, I suggest you contact our support team.

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You can not drag into a new week. I have already showed Helen this and she tried and also could not do this. If I am trying to move to next week you can not drag into it. Please speak to Helen and she can further elaborate for you