Reschedule is problematic

Rescheduling a client is problematic. Once your press reschedule and move to the new date requested the time on the clients appointment remains as the previous appointment and does not move up and down over the new rescheduled days times…
It only moves to the new appointment time when you drop it into place. Which means you can not always be accurate on timing. Especially if the aestheticians column is furthest from the booking guidance times on the far left.
We have been out by 15 minutes either way without realising until it’s dipped into the slot!

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, at the moment, the time of the appointment is staying as the original time of the appointment no matter where you put it the diary.
We have advised the team to amend this so that as soon as you drop it, it actually shows you the time where you are dropping the appointment.

So. with this, it will be definitely improved from our side.