Rescheduling should require to be charges


I wanted to ask if there could be a fix created to help clients us the rescheduling option without having to pay again. Your team provided me with a fix (Open up Rolling deposit to unaction this in the future). This does not work as it would allow clients to book any appointment if they have credit on there account and thats not a great business solution.
Reschedule should be opened and once we have a client booked in they should be able to reschedule without having to pay again. It forces people to contact our support team more to reschedule.
This is only an issue for rescheduling as rebooking should include our deposits.

Would be good to hear hat other companies views are on this as we dont always use Stripe Integration and Client accounts within PABAU as we never got GoCardless integration connected correctly so gave up on that and use Zettle or PayPal as they are strong POS systems and can offer clients PayPal Credit.