search field to find a treatment note

To add a search field to find a treatment note under the client card so practitioner can find a treatment note easily.

Hi Aini,

Thanks for your feedback.

If you’re referring to setup > data > medical forms, we do offer the option to lookup by form name.

If you’re referring to looking them up elsewhere, it’d be great if you can let us know where specifically would you find this useful.

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Hi Steafani,

I meant when you go on the client card > Create > Treatment Note.
It would be helpful to have a search feature here.

Hi Aini,

Thanks for getting back to me.

The scrollbar would have to be used for the time being, the ‘Create’ button doesn’t have a search function.

Tapping ‘Ctrl+F’ at the same time would bring up the Chrome search bar which may be helpful.

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Hi all

There is actually a search box at the very top which allows you to search the content within a treatment note.

As for the suggestion of being able to search when in the ‘Create > Treatment Note’ screen, we have gone ahead and added this to the roadmap :slight_smile: