Self register/convert

We would like to be able to send forms to be completed by leads to effectively enable them to opt into the service, convert themselves to a client, e.g. ‘To go ahead and register as a client, please press the ‘opt in’ button and complete the form to tell us more information about yourself’. They would complete additional fields such as full address and date of birth. This would then update the data on their Leads profile.
The reason this would be beneficial is:

  1. We don’t want to capture loads of information on the initial contact form as this would put people off completing it).
  2. It would mean we don’t have to manually convert leads to clients. We would just need a notification that they have registered / opted in.

Hi Katie.

Thank you for your suggestion.
In fact, you can already do this, in the following way:

  1. Connect an opt-in form on your website with our lead manager, using the create lead API endpoint - you can learn more about it via the following guide: Create Lead API

  2. With step 1 done, you will receive leads in our lead manager, which will allow you to filter the leads based on a property (e.g. treatment interest, location), and turn them into a mailing list both through the leads manager and a leads report (which offers more options);

  3. Using our newsletter feature, you can create and send an email to the lead mailing list from step 2, which will contain URL of our Pabau Connect online bookings portal, be it for them to book an appointment, or sign up first:

On the sign-up page, you can ask them to enter all the information that you need, as the sign-up page supports both static and custom fields.

If you need further assistance, please contact our support team, and refer them to this post.