Separate timeframe for email and sms reminders

A separate time frame when the email reminder should be sent (Setup - settings -calendar settings.)

I agree, there should be the ability to set a different time for email reminders to go from the SMS. I would like a reminder email to go 7-10 days pre-appointment and SMS to go 2 working days before.

I agree pointless to have e mail and text at the same time
I would like e mail iitially and then SMS text 24 hours before

Makes sense! - we have done something in Pabau 2 which will improve on this concept =)

Please tell me how - as I cannot see in Pabau 2.

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Hey Michelle,

Drop me your email in a DM and If you are up for a call I can help set this up


Thanks William - no idea how to drop you a DM - my email is