separating clinic streams for different services for confidentiality

An option to have different streams of information for different clinic services, ie, a GP patient who also uses our aesthetics treatments. The patient general data will need to be shared (name, address etc) but medical notes will want to be confidential and not for aestheticians use.

Or the ability to lock documents so that only certain user groups can access.

Hi swilliams.

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Thank you for your suggestion.
We will have an option for staff members to “relate” other parties with a patient profile (client card) and share selected documents with them.

Do you perhaps refer to the ability to make an entire card accessible to another party, short of information you would consider confidential?


Hi Viktor

I’m not sure I understand your question, sorry.

I would like to see the patient registration card - details, details 1 and intelligence (name, dob, address, email, gp details) AND the appointments, finance and *communication pages available for all employees registered with Pabau at my clinic.
*communications would be viewed in one place together to ensure everyone at the clinic has an overview of all messages sent to the patient however, documents (letters) sent within this could be password protected or only opened by user groups relevant to the letter.

Then all the EMR tab sections are only available by user group. For example, Patient A has a patient registration record with us. They have come along for an aesthetics treatment and are placed in an aesthetics user group area. All the information relating to aesthetics can only be opened by an aesthetics user group. Patient A then decides to have a GP appointment. They are then allocated as a patient in the GP user group and only the GP user group can access the EMR tabs in this area. There is one overall patient id but they have separate clinic notes depending on the user group.

The main aim is to restrict sensitive documents (letters, treatment notes, SQ, medical history) to the relevant clinicians. Whichever way this can be achieved is great.
Does that clarify?

Hi. Yes it does, thanks for the clarification.
To answer your question, we do plan to support such an option for EMRs.

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Hi Viktor,

That’s great. Is this a change to be implemented soon or on Pabau 2? Also, will the locked document only be able to be viewed by one individual Pabau login user or can it be allocated to groups (i.e., a group of GPs or a group of aestheticians?). If for one user only, this is not so useful for groups of doctors who share patients.

It will be on Pabau 2.
Yes, the locked document can be viewed by one individual Pabau user, to all users, or to a group of users, but within the constraints of the Pabau account.

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