services just for existing clients

Previously in Pabau 1 you could setup services to only be viewable by existing contacts who had already booked a service with the practice. This is no longer possible in Pabau 2. These services are visible to anyone, although they do need to have an account to book them. This creates confusion. Why take away functionality with the new product? Thank you.

Hi secondnature.

Thank you for your feedback.
I am happy to inform you that we have the setting developed, and can be found in Setup > Services. You can find it here, plus a new option which we are to make available soon:

Please contact our support team if you have other questions.

Kind regards,

Thank you Viktor - I was aware of this setting, but the services are still visible to anyone viewing the booking portal, even if they cannot book them, which is different to what was available in Pabau 1.

Thank you for your reply. I will inform our team.