Shift Schedule Timeslot

On the old calender, we could Creat New Shift or Book Anyway, outside of the scheduled time. This was really useful when trying to limit the staff from booking in appts for me.
It is now much longer to change the rota each time for each individual appt.
Is there any chance this feature will be coming back? I didn’t realise what a difference it made to the ease of controlling my own diary.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Team,

Thanks for your feedback.

Wee have removed the option to be able to book a client outside the working shift because it was creating issue in couple of places.
With each appointment booked, a new shift was always created where if the clients decides to cancel that the shift stays and you are open for future bookings even though you should have not been working in that time.

That is one of the reasons why we have changed it not to be possible to book an appointment outside the shift.
If you do need to book an appointment outside the shift, now, you would have to create a shift first and then book the appointment.

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Hi Stefani

I am attaching my answer to same request in another topic
In addition it would helpful if the feature was a setting to alove a user to do this or not

But still even if you create a shift first and then the client cancel the shift is still there out off normal hours - this have just created an extra stepp when having the client on the phone booking them in - all I ask is to have it as an option as we are a small clinic where this works - we just quickly block that shedlure when canceling - so this change have not solved the problem at all it have just added one - a suggested solution would be 1: this is for selected users . 2: the shift created would be linked to the appointment created so if the appointment was to be canceled the shift would be deleted as well.

I suspect people didn’t know how to use the “Book Anyway” button. Using this button allowed the schedule to be closed if an appt was cancelled. Is there anyway to get a “book anyway” button back?