Show full week in Week view

You should be able to see every day of the week in the week view. Monday-sunday.

Regardless if appointments are scheduled or not. It is a week view after all.

I agree
The new calender is completely unsatidsfactory since if there is no scheduled shiofts on a given day the calender omits that day. Scrolling through to see where the empty days are means it is easy to miss. It is an essential part of a calnder to show the whole week when you have a week view !
This is very unsatisfactory !!!

Hi all,

First of all, thank you for your feedback. Our team is trying to find a way to improve the Week view.
You will be informed when the solution will be ready for use.

Kind regards.

Sarah also raised this on support

Hi quick feedback after just having started to look at your calendar – please can you show the day of the week when on day view? As shown on the top left of the screenshot below, vs absent on the new calendar screenshot at foot of email. Preferably in full ie ‘Tuesday’ so it’s easily visible?

Hi All

Just to add to this one, we will be bringing back the full week view before launching the new calendar officially.

Thank you as always for the feedback.

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Hi all,

On the flipside, now that all days are showing, we have a diary view for 7 days (we work at most 6 but usually 5) and have all clinicians showing (even if they only do one shift a week). This means that now we have 28 columns for four practitioners (2 are only in for a day each but show for 14 columns). Not at all helpful.

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