Simple, consistent reporting

Currently, the majority of reports do not align. Quite often the support team ask us to use specific reports as the others do not work as expected.

I know that there is a plan to revamp the reports for Pabau 2, which is great, but please can you ensure that they are easy to use and show the same figures between reports (where appropriate).

Trend reporting by month on the following:

  1. Total Revenue
  2. Number of consultations
  3. Number of conversions
  4. Number of conversions by employee
  5. % Utilisation by employee
  6. Number of reviews by employee
  7. Simpler stock management reports (I can never get to inventory to tally with actual stock)
  8. Monthly product sales
  9. Total Sales (Cash, Card, Direct Debit)

The above plus any other KPIs would be awesome.

Hi Jay

Thank you for the suggestion. We are doing a lot in the area of reporting in Pabau 2, these ideas for KPIs are incredibly helpful, so thank you for this. We are keeping our eyes out on the Pabau 1 data to see which data points people most love, combined with introducing a few new ones (such as the total consultations you have suggested above).