Taking debit / credit card details manually to secure bookings

About 50% of my clients prefer to have me make thier booking for them. Reasons given are they are busy, they are not confident to navigate the booking process, they are in conversation with me and just say, please book that. In all these cases I require their debit or credit card details to secure the booking. If they are on the phone they are mostly happy to give their number and security code but often they are communicating by email, text or whats app and many are reluctant to leave their card details.

Suggestion is Pabau have an option that when the booking is made manually by the provider an email confirmation is sent to the client with a link to request the client to add their card details. The card details can be partially left blank and only used if they cancel or are a no show according to the terms of that business


Thank you for the feedback.
We will take it into consideration.

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