The Balloon Marker For Botox

Can you please change the balloon marker on pictures to small dots .it is actually not a map to put big balloons .it is useless as they overlap .Please check other clinic softwares as non has this big balloon or thick arrow.

Hi team,

Thanks for the feedback.
We are actually working on another Pabau app version where we do have this covered and improved.

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Thank you Petar for that.
the app has a few hiccups if you are working on that ,pls sort those as well .
1:the big balloon
2: appointments colour coded on desktop version but not on the app
3: column order is manageable on the desktop but not on app .
please sort these out as well Petar ,thank you so much for doing these.

Since the app will be a brand new one, it will not have any of those issues that are at the moment on the current app.