To have an alert for medical forms if they have not been filled in in a period of time [PLANNED]

To have an alert for medical forms if they have not been filled in in a period of time. For example, a medical questionnaire must be completed again after 6 months.

And also a reminder setting for the patient if a form has been sent on email to ensure it is completed prior to appointment date.

these are both great suggestions that would improve the set up

Hi All

I am glad this has been raised, as this is something that has been on our radar for quite some time. As we have been re-designing the calendar, we have been keen to get this put in after our BETA (next week).

Billy I think that if you are going to develop this it is important that this is not just restricted to forms that the developers decide. The end user needs to have the flexibility to set any consent or medical form to expire after a date or period of time. It will also need to have a report or some way of monitoring otherwise it can’t be policed easily day to day

Thanks Tony - will be sure to take that onboard when we come to developing this, as we were thinking of Medical Questionnaires only, however I guess this would be useful for other forms as well such as consent for clients who don’t like the ‘Repeat Consent’ forms.

I think we have a whole host of forms that we would apply this is to. For example on the patient side, T&C’s, photo consents, medical questionnaires that had to be created as a consent. Then there is the practitioner side where we have had to create Forms under ‘treatment’ when they are not actually a treatment consent, only need to be completed once and then expire. For example a form like a treatment plan which would expire after 5 month and force a review . Having Pabau notify you of the expiry would then help police this by helping to automatically audit the records - if any of that makes sense

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Completely agree with this! It definitely needs to be added for all forms so that we can programme it just like when we set up the other elements within the forms