Trigger Recalls

Hey, we slip between the two cracks of Automatic & Manual on the recall system. We want to auto send them but we need to ‘fine tune’ the requirement. Can we have a section on the client file where we can add the Recall types but bespoke the recall time parameters? This is because for example a Botox recall is one service - however a 25 year old will have a 6 month recall, whereas a 50 year old client will have a 3 month one. We cannot add hundreds of different services so that each age bracket gets the correct recall time and also we want to take the human element out of the process so would rather not have to do them individually. Also if we miss the window of opportunity when doing the checkout, and the recall is not done, we still need to schedule it so two things, either we can set up one from here and also perhaps once they have had a previous recall which is now listed in their client file, could we have ‘REPEAT’ and the number of months or date in which this needs to go again? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi, and thank you for your suggestion. Whilst this is not possible in Pabau 1, we do have a feature in the works in Pabau 2 for more advanced automation which could be used to do conditional recalls.

It may be 2-3 months however before this particular feature is ready, however it may be worth you checking out if you were interested in jumping on the alpha.