Two Way SMS on Pabau

Confirmations are great on Pabau, but having an unmonitored number is not a good user experience for us. Having two way SMS built into Pabau is the future.

Hi Kianm

Thank you for your suggestion. This is something we have explored at length, the two main blockers for us to launch this in Pabau 1 were:

  1. Our provider charged for the inbound SMS credits (not ideal cost for our customers to burder)
  2. The sender name can no longer be a business name (such as ‘Healthy Clinic’) - it must be a number (not so bad, but still not ideal)

Within Pabau 2 we have switched SMS providers purely to be able to support Inbound messaging at no cost. This is a feature clients will be able to optionally enable on there accounts to be able to start accepting inbound messages.


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