Updating medical forms


I have come across an issue recently whereby if I update any medical form the version updates and causes the form to unlink from all services that is attached to. The form then needs to be manually added to the individual services again which is extremely time-consuming. Some suggestions on how this could be improved:

  1. It would be a lot more user friendly if there was a process whereby the Medical Form linked to a service automatically updated to the newest version of the form.
  2. Alternatively, there should be a warning in place to alert the user that a new version of the form will be created and any linking will be impacted.
  3. If neither of the above are possible it should be possible to link a form to a service without having to go into each individual service. Maybe a bulk upload as csv? Or a reverse process whereby with the form there are tickboxes to choose which services the form should be attached to.


Hi Aquatox.
I hope you are well, and I apologize for the inconvenience.
It’s not an expected behaviour to unlink services from a form, when the form is updated. I will report this to our team to be looked into.


Hi Viktor

Thank you for escalating the issue. I did raise a support request but was told that I needed to manually re add all of the forms to each service. They also suggested that I raise it here as a feature request. Please can you keep me updated if you make any progress with raising this as for now I will need to avoid making any changes to my forms.


Hi Charlotte.

You are welcome.
Our support team will keep you posted on the progress of this ticket.

Kind regards,