View cancelled appointments on diary

Here is a typical example of how we usually work with clinical systems – you can see the red crosses are cancellations, blue ticks are attended, the exclamation mark is for No Shows/Did Not Attends.
(I have enabled privacy mode to hide names/appointment details)

This really helps staff with keeping track of following up on any cancellations, and also knowing that when there is suddenly a gap in their diary that this isn’t a booking error or mistake etc.

It would be great if you were able to incorporate a similar thing into Pabau.

In the menu, you can select to toggle on/off the cancellations, so these can be hidden by the user if preferred.

This is how it then looks with the cancelled appointments hidden.

Hi Rick,

Actually this is something we have been wanting to do for a while, I am going to go ahead and add this onto the roadmap and see if we can get this fast tracked.

I don’t believe this to be something that will take long to build at all, and I think it would be a very beneficial feature to clinics.

As always thank you for your suggestions - it really does help us grow the platform.


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Thanks william, very much appreciated

Hi Guys

This is now live!

In my Pabau 1 and Pabau 2 its still disappear.