Waiting List functionality

The current waiting list functionality does not work for us. It seems to be a system for actually acquiring a last minute ‘appointment’ rather than waiting to start a whole course of treatment. In psychological therapy, you offer clients a weekly slot of therapy therefore they do not start until you have a client leave and there is a clear run of appointments available, so they are waiting for the whole treatment to start rather than for a random appointment to become available.
The current waiting list only includes a short time period so people waiting longer would drop off the list. Also, it doesn’t show the date of enquiry.
We’ve actually managed to create a good waiting list alternative through a custom field and custom reports, but it’s a shame that the in-built waiting list doesn’t meet our needs and it could be confusing for adminstrators.

Hi Katie.

Thank you for your suggestion.
One of the intents of the waitlist feature is to help clients receive a service as soon as possible, in a busy clinic, and on the other hand help busy professionals find clients ready for their service. Not always will it be a last-minute appointment (it could be in 2 months from the present moment),

Please feel free to let me more about what you would improve in the waitlist feature, aside from:

  • showing a created date per waitlist entry;
  • increase the remove after period.

Kind regards,